The Thorthwaite Inheritance

Title: The Thorthwaite Inheritance
Author: Gareth P Jones
Years of publishing: 2009
Publishing company: Bloomsbury
Story: Two siblings trying to kill each other, a line of tragic deaths in a year, no electric devices in the house. What is happening? IT’S THE ADAMS FAMILY, only joking but its similar… honey in bike tubes to attract bears, pollen underneath saddels to attract killer bees, with this the thornthwaite children brake there truce and try to kill each other again, but it isnt them that are plotting these brutal schemes…
What I think: hilarious and scary, a great mix!


2 thoughts on “The Thorthwaite Inheritance

  1. Rafi can I please have your review of the Vampirates? I am very intrigued by this series. Is it good? is it scary?
    Thank you

    • Dear Raffaella,
      Vampirates is GREAT! I will post a review as soon as possible, but I can already tell you it is very scary but Vampires are not so bad. And about the sucking blood from the neck: SOOO NOT TRUE!

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