Time Riders

Title: Time Riders
Author: Alex Scarrow
Years of publishing: 2010
Publishing company: Puffin Books
Story: three kids who were supposed to die in different times are recruited in an agency called the time riders because they all have talents, those talents must be used because if somebody tries to change time then something in the present changes and they must stop it before it’s too late. This man called Kramer wants to change time and has many assistants; they want Hitler to win the war giving him state of the art weapons that come from 2066. So the team must go back and fix the damage before its too late…
Tips: I shall say, this book is ok for all ages


2 thoughts on “Time Riders

  1. Hello Rafi,

    Your book suggestions are very interesting and your reviews of them superb! This is magnificent. Brilliant! Thank you!
    Time Riders has caught my attention as I would like to know just what the team had to do in order to put right the damage …


    • dear Mary,
      thank you for your comment. i love “Time Riders” in order to fix the damage created half the team had to go back in time to stop Kramer from meeting Hitlerbut the other half had to deal with the damage created by Kramer. I cannot say more because I do not want to spoil the plot for you…Happy reading, Raphael

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