Enemy Invasion

Title: Enemy Invasion
Author: A.G.Taylor
Years of publishing: 2011
Publishing company: Usborne
Story: hack is stuck on one of the highest floors of goodware co.,he slips and falls off the building,but while he is falling a kid appears next to him and litraly teleports him from 100 meaters to 1 meater from the ground in a split second and is recruted in the hidra. hack is one of the many kids infected by the fall virus an alien virus that was deliverd by a meteorite… but the meteorite is destroid and it doesnt do what it was supposed to… infect and enslave everybody in the world so this alien thing sends a mass of alien metal to earth and it lands in antartica undetected by the rest of the world. major bright is a mercenery leader and is working for the entity the alien thing who sent the meteorite and the lump of alien metal.the entity needs hack who has the power to go inside a computer and go around without turning it on and may a girl who can make solids turn to liquids and change the shape, it wants to make an army of small spiders and make them bite everybody in the world so they turn from normal to being enslaved by the entity but robert sarha ,luise,wei, nestor, octavio and alex are still doing their best to save them and defeat major bright and the entity.
What I think: great! i love everything


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