Young Sherlock Holmes – Black Ice

Title: Young Sherlock Holmes – Black Ice
Author: Andrew Lane
Years of publishing: 2011
Publishing company: MacMillan Books
Story: Sherlock’s brother is found with a spotless knife and a dead man, but he doesn’t remember anything, so he is sent to trial, but sherlock isn’t so sure of his guilt… Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother) is let out of jail on bail but there is still a mystery on who framed him and how… once Mycroft is out he remembers that there was a knife made of ice and a normal one in a suitcase that the man had so the man drugged Mycroft and put the normal knife in his hand and stabbed himself with the ice knife witch then melted. The mystery takes Mycroft and Sherlock to Moscow where they discover the truth about friend and foe.
What I think: A great mystery, it seems so obvious when you know the truth..


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