Time Riders-Eternal war

Title: Eternal war
Author: Alex Scarrow
Years of publishing: 2011
Publishing company: Puffin books
Story: imagine your in america… and your in a steak house… you see on the menu “Lincoln burger” one second its there and then its gone… Maddy, Sal and Liam notice that Lincoln is missing from history and they findout that certain Abraham Lincoln is ran over from a speeding cart…liam bob and sal go back in time to make sure lincoln survives and it works, but when they go back into the portal they find that lincoln followed them into 2001! but thats not all he escapes fromthe archway and gets arrested because he was calling a black man “a free negro” but he saw a video of nine eleven the day before it happened, and told the police… when liam and bob go to get lincoln out of jail they find that he was taken from the FBI because of his mess! so as they said that he was there friend and he was (in the FBI’s opinion) a terrorist. they think that they are terrorist too but they escape and use the portal to put bob, liam and sal infront of the FBI headquarters where they wait for the van with lincoln on it to arrive but another time wave arrives putting newyork in a mess… well not really a mess mor of a battle ground and it seems that the civil war did not end in 1865 but continued untill 2001and new york is a dead city…
What I think: great stuff!!


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