Author: Emma Clayton
Years of publishing:2008
Publishing company:the chicken house
Story: Ellie is kidnapped… Then a year later she is reported drowned and at home her mother and father are really sad, but after a while they let go and say that there is nothing they can do… But mika her twin brother still feels a conection to her and is sure that she is alive. When the new arcade game pod fighter comes out he feels that it has something to do with ellie, but he still isn’t sure about the fit mix, a drink that all the children are made to drink and it seems to work, then the competition starts. the competition is with pod fighter, pairs have to fight different levels and the winner goes to the next round with a chance to win a hovercar. Everybody is playing the game and the prizes are big: a house in the golden turret, the most expensive homes in the whole of the new world, a chance to fly a real pod fighter. Mika teams up with audrey a new girl with borg eyes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   What I think: great adventure evrybody should read this book


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