Skulduggery pleasant book 1

Author: Derek Landy
Year of publishing: 2007
Publishing company: Harper Collins
Story: Gordon Edgley is dead. Stephanie Edgley (the niece) gets everything in the will apart from advice (it went to a strange man with sunglasses hat and scarf called Skulduggery Pleasant), a boat (it went to her easily hated aunt), a brooch (it also went to her aunt) and an apartment in paris (this went to her mother and father). She gets the mansion, the money and the love, but the first night alone in her new house is a nightmare, a man breaks in and threatens her because she has something his “masters” want but Skulduggery Pleasant saves her life by making fire in his hands and pushing the air, if you think this is hard to believe, then think that he is also a skeleton! Well enough weird but true stuff, the skeleton then takes Stephanie on an adventure to stop a man that kills you just by pointing at you with his red hand.
What I think: blows my mind


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