Skulduggery Pleasant playing with fire book 2

Author: Derek Landy

Year of publishing: 2008

Publishing company: Harper Collins

Story: Valkyrie is off again with Skulduggery in another adventure, but this time things are really bad… Baron Vengeous was a feared general on the side that wanted to destroy the earth in the Great War but didn’t succeed and went to prison with a life sentence, but now after breaking out of prison he is back and he has a plan, he wants to make a grotesquery (a monster made of different parts of other monsters) and use it to make all kinds of havoc. As we all know Skulduggery and Valkyrie are the great detectives but now we doubt if they can defeat the Baron, especially if there is a self repairing monster on the loose and the Baron using armour that used to belong to the most powerful necromancer ever lived…

What I think: I love the magic


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