The Rangers Apprentice 1

Author: John Flangan

Publishing company: Random House

Year of publishing: 2004

Story: in medival times ( the world has monsters and stuff. It does not exist) if you were a child you would be chosen to become cooks warriors scribes, in relation to what your mother and father did in life, or you could choose to differ. Most boys went to battleschool and became warriors, but there was a group of people that were said to sorcerers, they where rangers. Rangers where trained to have good memory, agile, be good with the bow and arrow, be able to accurately throw knives and to be perfect in the art of sleath. Will is an orphan and he wants to go to battle school, but he is small, so after being refused by many crafts he is recruited into rangers and is taught to be a ranger by halt the best ranger of them all, but when morgath sends 2 kalkara to kill someone then will and halt go to kill them before they kill someone else.

What I think: great book love the series!


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