Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Publishing company: Macmillan children’s books

Year of publishing: 2004

Story: Damian is special, he has a strong interest in the Christian religion, he knows about most of the saints of the world, he has visions of them and he does acts like putting holly in his shirt so he can go to heaven, he decides to build himself a secret house, hidden from the world until money comes falling from the sky, literally, Damian is in his hideout when a bag full of money comes falling from the sky. Damian tells his brother about the money and suddenly word is out in the whole school that they are rich. But Damian just wants to do the right thing. Damian goes to think about what to do with the money in a helpful way when there is a man, poking about his hermitage and damian gets scared. What if the money was not  falling from the sky by coincidence but just human error?

What I think: I also have the movie and I liked it a lot… the story is excellent and the ending is warm and lovely, very funny book


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