Noughts & Crosses


Author: malorie blackman

Publishing company: random house

Year of publishing: 2008

Story: imagine you live in the world before black men and women became equal to white men and women. imagine the time where in the bus the black people had to stay at the back of the bus while the white at the front… well in this book the tables turn and  it gets even worse than different seating in a bus… they have different names not black and white, they are noughts and crosses… noughts are white people and crosses are black people. this book is about a young nought who is accepted to a cross school because the govenrment passed the law that noughts could go to school if they pass a test… our main caracter callum is accepted into our other main caracters , sephy (Persephone), school, but not everyone is happy with the noughts in the cross school.

What i think: great idea malorie! its one of the best books ive read so far (sorry walliams)


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