the young christmas tips

Merry christmas everyone, I know how its like in Christmas, you don’t know who to give what, but if you really want to see the smiling faces of children on Christmas day then you must give them the right present, now i can help you with that, you just have to read this page, as you already are we can start.

1. The Thornthwaite Inheritance
I chose this book because its exiting yet funny thrillingly witty. A page turner.
2. Cosmic
What can i say, most kids wish to be there on the space shuttle drifting around space… Wait a minute i’m not telling you the story… Well anyhow its a book you can look forward too
3. The Boy in The Dress
I read this book about 10 times and im still not fed up of it, i hope others will too. Its a stunning story.
1. The Red Pyramid
magic lies in the world as a terrible danger faces the world your child will pretend to be magical for about a year after reading this book trying to be like the characters… I WARNED YOU! (get the book for them anyway
2. The Roar
this book will teach your child about what might happen to the world if we keep on with global warming but in a fast pacing adventure, suited for over 8 year olds and all people who are not mad scientists (otherwise they might try to build the advance technology in the book)
3. Drop Zone
Last but not least. this book fascinated me with realistic descriptions and an amazing story line i love all the characters and i think that your child will do too
Thats all for the young christmas tips
I wish you all a


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