Rise of Nine: Lorien legacies


Author: Pittacus Lore

Publishing company: penguin books

Year of publishing: 2012

Story: My dear readers. It is time for the garde to come together and fight back the mogodorians. Four escaped from the mogs and freed nine but he left sam in the hands of the mogs. Six, seven and ten go to india where apparently another member of the garde is hiding. Questions remain .. What has happened to five? Are they strong enough to fight back? Who has assumed the powers and strength of Pittacus Lore?

What i think: i love how Lore makes himself the most important elder!


Kane chronicles : the serpents shadow


Author: rick riordan

Publishing company: puffin books

Year of publishing: 2012

Story: this book is a continuation of Throne of fire… if  i write anymore i will ruin the end of Throne of fire… i can say this though… my favorite character has to be Bes, the dwarf god. He is short, hairy, and when he is in battle he wears speedos (with written DWARF PRIDE along his backside) and screams BOO!!! at enemies. He is funny and  he was a popular god between the people.

What i think: great book amazing read!!! you need to read it.

Kane chronicles : the throne of fire


Author: rick riordan

Publishing company: puffin books

Year of publishing: 2011

Story: The world is about to end. Lets just pretend that there is a huge snake, called apophis, god of destruction and devourer of suns and planets, wants to rise from its cage and destroy the world, oh wait… thats actually whats happening. Carter and Sadie of course have to save the world again. There were several copies of a scroll about the destruction of apophis but the clever chap destroyed them all. carter thinks that if he gets the sun god to rise from his resting place then the sun god can defeat apophis for ever.

What i think: great book a page turner!

Sleeping freshmen never lie


Author: David Lubar

Publishing company: Penguin books

Year of publishing: 2005

Story: i live in london so here we dont have highschool… but i checked and i would be a freshman at highschool this year. enough about me… scott hudson is a freshman and he is having a hard time starting out… his lunch money taken and the girl he used to be friends with become unnimaginably beutiful and his mother is pregnant. how can anything ever get worse for scott? well read and find out

What i think: got me hooked and i was sad that it ended well done david!

Skulduggery Pleasant – Kingdom of the Wicked


Author: Derek Landy

Publishing company: Harper Collins

Year of publishing: 2012

Story: there is a problem at the irish sanctuary… mortals have started gaining powers and life for detectives valkyire and skulduggery is about to go bad. the sanctuary have a little visit from the american/german sanctuary… and they are not that happy… meanwhile four teens gain much more power than they are supposed to have and so the detectives have to find out where this surge of power comes from… but with a little obstacle to face and an over powerful madman trying to destroy humanity, how could things possibly get any worse?

What i think: this book is so good!!! i love how the second last paragraph has all the tension and then the last three words are ” use a hoover” GENIUS!

Noughts & Crosses


Author: malorie blackman

Publishing company: random house

Year of publishing: 2008

Story: imagine you live in the world before black men and women became equal to white men and women. imagine the time where in the bus the black people had to stay at the back of the bus while the white at the front… well in this book the tables turn and  it gets even worse than different seating in a bus… they have different names not black and white, they are noughts and crosses… noughts are white people and crosses are black people. this book is about a young nought who is accepted to a cross school because the govenrment passed the law that noughts could go to school if they pass a test… our main caracter callum is accepted into our other main caracters , sephy (Persephone), school, but not everyone is happy with the noughts in the cross school.

What i think: great idea malorie! its one of the best books ive read so far (sorry walliams)



Author: david walliams

Publishing company: harpercollins children books

Year of publishing: 2012

Story: zoe loves small furry animals, she teaches them how to breakdance and stuff like that but after her hamter is killed she finds a baby rat that she find adorable and keeps her step mum hates the rat and wants to kill it.  she is not the only one who wants the rat.  as you might have guessed from the title and the image, that man is hungry. for rats!

What i think: really different from his other books but a good book anyhow