About me

Hello! my name is Raphael, I’m 13 years old I was born in Italy but when I was 20 days old I moved to London, just three years ago I moved back to Italy.
I have a really mixed background and I have moved houses a lot. All this time reading books has been the perfect company. I am an only child and I love spending time with my favorite characters.
This blog will be about the books I have read. To make this blog better you could comment if you have already read it, but at the end you have to write name and age (just so I can give you tips on other books suitable for your age you might like) I did this so that others can read the books they like and not waste money on books they don’t like. I hope you like my blog and I am happy to share your recommendations by putting a reader’s chart. All you have to do is email me your favorites at theyoungreviewer@gmail.com

happy reading,


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