Publishing company: hodder

Year of publishing: 2013

Story: ryan is back in the kremlin… but he isn’t there for long… he has a week to stay undercover and learn as much as he can about the location of leonid… at that same time across the globe in mexico JAMES ADAMS IS BACK!!!!! I am so happy that james isn’t gone forever… anywho back to the book! so james is back and working with andre amarov to bring leonid down to his knees… but soon the plot becomes very twisted when they realize what amarov is planning to do in mexico.

What i think: I have nothing to say… I can only applaud Robert on doing what he does… blowing my mind.


Ranger’s Apprentice: Erak’s Ransom


Author: john Flanagan

Publishing company: Random House

Year of publishing: 2011

Story: we return to erak our favourite skandian… now oberjarl he is getting a little bored of all the paperwork… he decides to go on one more raid. the unsuspecting erak is captured and sends help to araluen for the ransom… sent to his aid are will, halt and princess Cassandra, little did they know they were going to have more to deal with than just a ransom…

What i think: I loved it… it held me on the edge of my seat!

Ranger’s Apprentice: Seige of Macindaw



Author: John Flanagan

Publishing company: Random House

Year of publishing: 2009

Story: SPOILER ALERT: when we last left of alyss was trapped in a tower at castle Macindaw and Keren is taking over the castle… can Will, Horace and Malcom save Alyss and save Macindaw? The only problem is that they don’t have an army… or do they?

What i think: this book is a part two from the last… and of course it is a master piece!

Rangers’apprentice : Sorcerer of the north

sorcorer of the north
Author: John Flanagan

Publishing company: Random House

Year of publishing: 2009

Story: Will is now a full ranger, therefore to be assigned to his own fief… but his fief hasn’t been up to the best standards… the battleschool is poorly trained. everything is just very sloppy… but then will is called onto a secret mission up in the north, where he must go undercover, and find out what this sorcerer is doing up in the north where there is talks of a sorcerer, a big night warrior, and an illness that cannot be cured…

What i think: i cannot say anything but wow… apart from what i just said… wow

Rangers’apprentice : Oakleaf Bearers

oakleaf bearers

Author: John Flanagan

Publishing company: Random House

Year of publishing: 2006

Story: when we last saw will and evanlyn they were near dying in the cabin during the rough Skandian winter. but they had to move soon… winter was soon to end and they have to move quickly so they aren’t found by a hunter. but one day evanlyn is captured and still weak will needs to put to work his skills so he can find evanlyn… but little does he know he isn’t going to find his usual bandits…

What i think: I haven’t read the series in a long time but I love it!

one seriously messed up week in the otherwise mundane & uneventful lif of jack samsonite



Author: Tom Clemson

Publishing company: atom books

Year of publishing: 2011

Story: meet jack Samsonite… he has three goals to get to before the week ends… 1. pass his gcse’s 2. get the girl ( to notice he exists) 3. survive the week. but of course he has all of them under control… apart from the last three… this is a one week diary about a kid whos life is changed… for the better or for the worse you will have to find out for yourself!

What i think: its a must read… an absolute laugh!

Time Riders: Gates of Rome


Author: Alex scarrow

Publishing company: penguin books

Year of publishing: 2012

Story: The Timeriders team are dealing with a big contamination now… as it happens a big group of people went back to Rome and gave them new technology from 2070. but there is a problem… Maddy is normally sitting at her desk and making sure they come back to the right time all in one piece .. but they were attacked by 6 support units. with their mission being to kill the team and destroy all their evidence of being there… what could possibly be worse?

What i think: Had me on edge. Brilliant.